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Horizon 4 Gets The Technical Test Server On PC



Forza Horizon 4 Credits  will take advantage of the PC in a number of ways specific to this version. For instance, players may expect support for ultrawide monitors, a configurable field of view, and more compact settings for getting the game to look and behave precisely how you would like it to.

Of course, it looks magnificent and even in contrast to an Xbox One X, the PC gamers will readily get the most effective visual therapy. HDR support is there for those with this type of screen, your ears are treated to Dolby Atmos, and also in some of the graphics settings, there will be an"extreme" option that goes past the preset ultra configurations.

I didn't have to spend much time with it but even though it was a structured press briefing, things seem promising. We're around a month from the planned launch, and given beyond Forza Horizon releases that the odds are pretty high that the match is about finished.

On PC, the racer is gearing up to be the series' most powerful and it boasts a host of PC-specific features.

Chatting to Samuel in Gamescom, Playground Games studio art manager Benjamin Penrose informs us what we can expect from Horizon 4's desktop variation.

"We're now highlighting our recommended spec on 60 frames per minute rather than 30, that is a change from Forza Horizon 3," states Penrose. "We're really happy with the stability and performance from launch this time round. And we got a bunch of options you can push [your own PC] beyond Ultra into the extreme, if you have got a PC.

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