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ı am barbarian and ı need help in khitai. Because ı dont know what ı must do there. can anybody help me ? I joın tamarin tigers, Last legion and hykarians. And they gave me only a few quest. now ı became rank 2 for tamarin tigers but after that ı dont know what ı can do there.

LL, TT and H is quite good for barb..

LL gives you that yber sword, what I always wanted to have with my conq (when I played brute), but I dont like to grind..  ;D

LL rank 2 gets you to Kara Korum map, where you get new quests.. 1st town right on border (if I remember correctly)
TT rank 2 gives you more quests in lower town (TT town). Rank 0-1 quest for TT is BS specially that tower, where are imba mobs ffs (I always buy myself up to rank 2 in TT) Rank 2-4 quests are quite easy in TT and fast to do.

H I havent done that much, but that riding/shooting strawman quest is imba.. havent done it ones.

TT is for only DPS armor which is not usefull in pvp. Hyrkania is good choice but i bet you choosed because wolf got nothing for barbs :). Hyrkanian barb armor gives the most str and cons which are your health and armor.Last Legions weapon doesnt worth to be rank 4 and that much rare trophies or mark of acclaims. I reccomend you to set your armors combined with hyrkania and T2.5 s(Gyas fetters or white hand bracers) for pvp and you can use your T2 tamarin tiger legs and some other dps parts for dps in raids. If you go minis with Tamarin set you probably gonna hate barb when you get 20+deaths :)


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