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Explore a breathtaking fantasy open-world in Evertale
« on: April 09, 2019, 06:52:31 »
If you have been following the mobile gaming industry for a long time and all this time you are looking for a role-playing game that is as similar as possible to Pokemon, then you probably have encountered ZigZaGame. In 2012, she released Dragon Island Blue, then there were Hunter Island and Neo Monsters. And now, 3 years after the last release, it’s time for Evertale.

The release of Pokemon GO on iOS and Android devices marked the beginning of a new era, as an official Pokemon game finally became available to play on mobile devices.The game by Niantic, however, is very different from the main entries in the series, so games that try to capture the spirit of the series are still getting released. Another one of these games, Evertale, will be released next month on the App Store.

In Evertale, you will explore a breathtaking fantasy open-world filled with mysterious monsters to capture, battle, and train. There are over 180 creatures and heroes of different elements that you can collect to build your ultimate team. Battles are in turn-based 4v4. Buy Evertale Soul Stone Accounts from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

You’ll be able to build a strategy from a number of different ability combinations. Then you can take on others in turn-based 4v4 battle.There are a number of real-time PvP leagues where you can form collaborations with and uncover special items. Weekly events will also offer exclusive items and characters to add to your collection.

The world of Erden is plagued by an ancient curse—the Pandemonium, a shroud of evil that descends once every 100 years. Only the fabled Crestbearers can cease its destruction, but all have failed to stop it from returning to wreak havoc once again.Join two young heroes and the allies they befriend along the way and embark on a perilous quest to uncover the secret to ending this age-old curse once and for all!

The controls of Evertale are very straightforward too. Unlike many mobile games that use virtual joysticks, you simply have to tap on the screen to move your character around.The game offers you plenty of reasons to explore. You might run into unique monsters, discover treasure chests, or encounter an NPC that could give you a quest or maybe challenge you to a battle. Again, it’s very similar to Pokémon.