Author Topic: RuneScape Mobile has launched into Early Access for Android smartphones  (Read 2568 times)

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RS3 Money RuneScape Mobile has launched into Early Access for Android smartphones bringing Jagex’s 18-year-old MMORPG to mobile and letting you seamlessly take your continued adventures with you on the go.

Jagex promises the mobile version is the complete desktop edition except with an “entirely new user interface that’s custom designed for touchscreen devices” which includes both smartphones and tablets. Additionally anyone who downloads the game while it’s in this early access phase will receive an exclusive founder’s pack. This includes a Steel Panther combat set a unique rest animation cheap Runescape 3 GP and the Radiant Dawn armour.

To bring the game to smartphones Jagex have redesigned the game’s interface scaling action hotbars and menus and positioning in a way to help focus on the in game action without obstructing the player’s view. Despite this RuneScape Mobile is fully cross-platform allowing for cross-play and cross-progression with RuneScape on PC. You’re able to switch freely between any device and continue your journey.

Alternatively Old School Runescape which launched on iOS and Android almost exactly a year ago is free-to-play. The Old School variant is based on Runescape as it was in 2007 as opposed to the newly released Runescape Mobile which mirrors the up-to-date desktop game.

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