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Rules and General Infos about the guild.
« on: February 11, 2012, 16:07:11 »

1)Ninja looting in pug raids is forbidden for all of our members and it might result in removing you from guild.

2)When you join a guild raid that the tactics are known you must have read the tactics in our forum before you join the raid.

3)People that are flaming and trolling systematically will be removed from the guild.

4)You are allowed to form pug raids when ever you want and you can use our Ts.

5)In mini games we dont allow people to systemitically farm and provoke guildies on the res pad(of course when the flag is there,on capture the flag mini games you are allowed to do so.

6)If someone get caught using exploit against any other player will have as a result to be removed from the guild on the second warning.

7)If someone get caught using third party programms will have as a result instant remove from the guild.

General Info

1)Cro guild is an international guild with players from many different countries.

2)We are not a hardcore raiding guild and we dont expect from our members to raid 7 days a week.

3)We currently try to raid 3 times a week Tuesday,Thursday,Sunday and occasionally we holding pugs in friday.Our Raids start 20.00 CET.

4)We have on farm t1,t2 and TAS with all 4 crafting encounters and our next target is Jade Citadel.

5)People who are raiding regularly have priority on getting t3 crafting weapons.

6)We dont use any kind of dkp system.In our raids we use master looter and we roll on bot between the players that wants an
item(Main chars usually got priority in getting items).If the raid isnt full guild raid we using free for all loot option and everyone can need on items that are for their class.

7)We are the owners of a battle keep in Border to Kush.

8 )We  are trying to attend to most sieges that happens on the server.

9) If we have a siege we demand from all of our members to be there and help the guild  even if they are not pvp players.(if real life allow it of course)

10)We are occasionaly holding some mini game events with members only from guild.In that Occasion we make 2 balance groups and we sign for minigames to have some fun.

11) Officers of the guild: Ophyra, Molay, Olumpianzeus, Airo, Eddii, Robtech
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Re: Rules and General Infos about the guild.
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Added some stuffs.