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Recruitment / Explore a breathtaking fantasy open-world in Evertale
« Last post by mmocs on April 09, 2019, 06:52:31 »
If you have been following the mobile gaming industry for a long time and all this time you are looking for a role-playing game that is as similar as possible to Pokemon, then you probably have encountered ZigZaGame. In 2012, she released Dragon Island Blue, then there were Hunter Island and Neo Monsters. And now, 3 years after the last release, it’s time for Evertale.

The release of Pokemon GO on iOS and Android devices marked the beginning of a new era, as an official Pokemon game finally became available to play on mobile devices.The game by Niantic, however, is very different from the main entries in the series, so games that try to capture the spirit of the series are still getting released. Another one of these games, Evertale, will be released next month on the App Store.

In Evertale, you will explore a breathtaking fantasy open-world filled with mysterious monsters to capture, battle, and train. There are over 180 creatures and heroes of different elements that you can collect to build your ultimate team. Battles are in turn-based 4v4. Buy Evertale Soul Stone Accounts from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

You’ll be able to build a strategy from a number of different ability combinations. Then you can take on others in turn-based 4v4 battle.There are a number of real-time PvP leagues where you can form collaborations with and uncover special items. Weekly events will also offer exclusive items and characters to add to your collection.

The world of Erden is plagued by an ancient curse—the Pandemonium, a shroud of evil that descends once every 100 years. Only the fabled Crestbearers can cease its destruction, but all have failed to stop it from returning to wreak havoc once again.Join two young heroes and the allies they befriend along the way and embark on a perilous quest to uncover the secret to ending this age-old curse once and for all!

The controls of Evertale are very straightforward too. Unlike many mobile games that use virtual joysticks, you simply have to tap on the screen to move your character around.The game offers you plenty of reasons to explore. You might run into unique monsters, discover treasure chests, or encounter an NPC that could give you a quest or maybe challenge you to a battle. Again, it’s very similar to Pokémon.
Funny stuff / Re: funny videos
« Last post by Pattaxoxo on March 18, 2019, 08:39:49 »
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Funny stuff / The wildly popular Game Named Fortnite
« Last post by Sletrry on March 04, 2019, 09:31:37 »

No matter the drum gun is live in the game right now, so folks are figuring out how to utilize it. Offered in Unusual and Rare variations. 26/27 base harm. 50 round capacity. Uses Medium Ammo.Such as the minigun, it might seem the drum gun's main advantage is the ability to fire for a very long time without repainting, which is useful for keeping the pressure up in squad manners in addition to tearing down structures in all manners.

It seems like fortnite traps will be helpful for spray and pray players such as me, since I am generally terrible in planning. At the moment the higher-tier game in Fortnite has plenty of tactical variety, while the lower-tier game lacks to a particular degree. This would appear to be an effort to tackle this by providing players that can't get their hands on epic or mythical weapons a solid suppressive alternative.

A version of"Fortnite" has been played in the real world. The movie game features 125 million gamers and a number of those gamers were amazed to discover in-game items randomly popping up around the entire world.

 The famous llamas at"Fortnite" were seen in London, Barcelona, Spain, Warsaw, Poland, Cologne, Germany, and Cannes, France. The game's iconic"Durr Burger" mascot showed up in the middle of a desert in California along with a cop car stylized as if it was ripped right from the game.

There was even an interactive element. In that exact same California desert, a broker was handing out business cards. On the cards were phone numbers, and if"Fortnite" lovers predicted, they heard a strange noise. Messages in the sound file's metadata shown the coordinates of the last"Fortnite" llama in Paris, according to Reddit.

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Funny stuff / MapleStory M: The Way to Get antiques
« Last post by Sletrry on March 04, 2019, 09:22:32 »
This generally signals that the game is expected for release shortly, Maple M Mesos although it's been available in certain countries since the start of the week. The name has already soft established in Canada, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, and New Zealand, so if you're in one of these countries you are able to download the game straight away.

Though its prevalence has died down in recent years, Nexon continued to release updates to the match more than 10 years following its release. MapleStory M represents a continuation of the series, and will probably gain thousands and thousands of gamers on nostalgia alone.

At launch, MapleStory M will comprise five courses: Black Knight, Bow Master, Night Lord, Bishop, and Corsair. The visuals are almost identical to the original launch (MapleStory m still has not seen a global launch ), and gameplay has been accommodated to touch display devices, using an auto button to speed up things like in other mobile MMOs.

You can pre-register now by clicking on the button below. As more people around the world pre-register, the rewards increase, so go tell your friends! If you have already downloaded the game, let us hear your initial impressions from the comments.

MapleStory m making its way worldwide, closed beta sign-ups open.The sequel to MapleStory, the favorite side-scrolling 2D online role-playing game, is finally coming to regions outside of South Korea.Its course process is not as varied as that of the original game yet, but Nexon said in a news release that MapleStory m will be very customizable, from your outfits to even getting to construct your own home.

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Funny stuff / Someone posted a guide on the Runescape subreddit
« Last post by Sletrry on March 04, 2019, 09:11:03 »
Smithing Rework and Dimensions:Decreased level requirement to smith steel, iron, mithril, adamant and rune - 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively.Added new tiers of alloy to smith - At 60, orikalkum. In 70, necronium. Bane.

In 90, older rune.Smithed items take more time to make - RS gold makes human objects more valuable.Within a metal grade, the XP/bar and XP/hour is constant across all items.You can hasten the smith items speed by heating - Hotter things smith faster, so you get more XP/hr (but more XP/bar).

Smithed items can be updated - This leaves them better in battle, and gives faster XP/hr than just making foundation things. Greater level metals can be updated more times.Burial Gear - From multiplying, items that have been upgraded to the max for this metal could be taken to the Artisan's Workshop and made into burial gear.

This destroys the item but gives the quickest possible XP/hr. Unlocking a Metal Tier Unlocks All Smithable Items and Benefits - You unlock all smithable things when the grade of alloy unlocks, but in each smithing level you unlock new rewards for smithing. The majority of these only apply to that grade of metal.

These are consumables which go in the ammo slot (or backpack) and deal damage to enemies that hit you out of adjoining tiles.Masterwork Armor - At level 99 smithing, smiths may make masterwork armor. This can be level 90 power armor that only requires materials from mining to make.Trimmed Masterwork Armor - At level 99 smithing, smiths can upgrade masterwork armor into trimmed masterwork armor. This can be level 92 power armor and demands several components that may only be obtained via PVM.

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Funny stuff / Re: zolfresh 10 mg tablet online
« Last post by driver123 on February 22, 2019, 10:22:35 »
sbobetgclub มือถือ
My name is Chris, I’m 18 as of September 2018. I like learning to code on CC and love helping others do so too and I’ve been a moderator since 31st Jan 2017. what do you think?  Do you agree? Thanks again to share articles like these, I have come across.

I'm curious to read your responses.
Help for game / все натяжные потолки с фото в кривом рогу
« Last post by JosephEnuth on January 12, 2019, 17:47:00 »
Натяжные потолки в Украине) молниеносно ворвались в интерьеры большинства зданий. Их можно увидеть где угодно: офисах, коттеджах и других жилых и промышленных зданиях.
эта их широкая востребованность образовалась обоснованно. Этот способ отделки имеет много достоинств перед классическим вариантом ремонта потолков. Рассмотрим их подробнее.
Преимущества французских глянцевых потолков:
- Не портятся от затопления.
глянцевые натяжные потолки выдерживают до 150 литров воды, сохраняя обои и другое добро от уничтожения водой.
- неизменность цвета и (формы.
Лаковые французские потолки не выгорают с годами и в них не возникают трещины, как в обычных потолках, восстановленных способом оштукатуривания.
- многолетний срок службы.
Лаковый натяжной потолок даже через много лет не потеряет своей привлекательности и будет смотреться как новый.
- Большой выбор палитры и структур.
Плёночные натяжные потолки представлены в трёх основных фактурах: лаковая, сатиновая и матовая в более, чем двести цветов и оттенков. Широкая многогранность даёт возможность для большого полёта фантазии.
- Быстрый монтаж.
Установка французского натяжного потолка происходит в среднем до трёх часов!
- Не грязный монтаж.
во время монтажа натяжного потолка отсутствуют операции, выделяющие много мусора.
- Недорогая стоимость.
Цена французского потолка намного ниже других способов отделки: шпаклёвкой, потолков Армстронг и других.
К слову. Плёночные натяжные потолки иногда называют ещё Французскими. Такое понятие привычно нам потому, что первые плёнки доставлялись с Франции. Сейчас в достаточном количестве завозятся плёнки бельгийских и других поставщиков, но в названии слово Французские используют по - старинке.
Преимущества тканевых натяжных потолков.
- Не боятся низких и горячих температур.
- Не портятся от проколов
- Экологически абсолютно безопасны
- Приятны с эстетической точки зрения
- Наиболее недорогие.
Стоимость тканевых натяжных потолков дешевле немного плёночных Французских натяжных потолков.
Какой выбрать натяжной потолок?
Рассмотрим правила выбора натяжных потолков.
Если мы делаем ремонт в квартире, покупаем французские натяжные потолки. В гостинную, коридор и сан узел лаковую, в спальню – с матовой.
Если мы проживаем в сельском доме и у нас есть печь, выделяющая горячий поток – выбираем тканевый потолок. Такой же вариант предусматриваем в не отапливаемых помещениях.
В помещениях, где есть вероятность затопления, выбираем французский потолок.
Просмотреть фото работ по натяжным потолкам можно на .
Когда в квартире находится человек, склонный к аллергическим заболеваниям, устанавливаем тканевый натяжной потолок.
Получить полную информацию про натяжные потолки Кривой Рог и узнать, какая цена на него можно на странице натяжные потолки из ткани кривом роге .
Цена натяжного потолка в Кривом Роге.
Несколько лет подряд до 2018 года включительно цена плёночного натяжного потолка составляла 130 гривен за 1 м.кв. Цена тканевого натяжного потолка была дешевле на десять гривен и составляла 120 гривен за метр квадратный.
Где купить натяжной потолок в Кривом Рогу?
В Кривом Роге купить натяжной потолок можно в компании Комфорт. Узнать подробнее, просчитать стоимость или вызвать специалиста по замерам очень просто, набрав номер: (096) 647-1977
Какие виды натяжных потолков существуют ещё?
Кроме привычных вариантов натяжных потолков бывают также иные, более оснащённые и привлекающие внимание.
К ним можно отнести многоуровневые, парящие натяжные потолки, натяжные стены, со спайкой цветов и печатью на плёнке.
Recruitment / кривой рог натяжные потолки недорого
« Last post by JosephEnuth on January 12, 2019, 17:46:26 »
Натяжные потолки в Украине) молниеносно ворвались в обстановку всего многообразия квартир. Их не сложно увидеть где угодно: в квартирах, частных домах и других жилых и производственных строениях.
Такая их широкая востребованность образовалась неспроста. Этот способ отделки обладает рядом преимуществ перед обычным вариантом ремонта потолков. Проговорим их подробнее.
Достоинства французских лаковых потолков:
- Не боятся затопления.
лаковые французские потолки выдерживают до 150 литров воды, оберегая обои и остальное имущество от уничтожения влагой.
- неизменность цвета и (формы.
сатиновые натяжные потолки не выцветают с годами и в них не возникают трещины, как в классических потолках, восстановленных методом оштукатуривания.
- многолетний период эксплуатации.
Лаковый натяжной потолок даже через много лет не утратит свой первозданный вид и будет смотреться как вроде его только установили.
- Большой ассортимент палитры и фактур.
Плёночные натяжные потолки представлены в трёх наиболее восстребованных фактурах: глянцевая, сатиновая и матовая в более, чем двести цветов и оттенков. Широкая многогранность даёт возможность для неограниченного полёта фантазии.
- Быстрый процесс установки.
Монтаж французского натяжного потолка длится в среднем до трёх часов!
- Не грязный монтаж.
во время монтажа натяжного потолка отсутствуют работы, вырабатывающие много пыли.
- Народная стоимость.
Цена французского потолка значительно дешевле иных способов ремонта: пластиком, с гипсокартона и других.
Между прочим. Плёночные натяжные потолки иногда называют ещё Французскими. Такое понятие привычно нам потому, что первые плёнки доставлялись с Франции. Сейчас в достаточном ассортименте представлены плёнки бельгийских и иных поставщиков, но в названии приставку Французские применяют по – привычке.
Достоинства тканевых натяжных потолков.
- Не боятся низких и горячих температур.
- Не портятся от проколов
- Экологически абсолютно безопасны
- Приятны для глаз
- Наиболее дешёвые.
Стоимость тканевых натяжных потолков ниже даже плёночных Французских натяжных потолков.
Как выбрать натяжной потолок?
Рассмотрим правила подбора натяжных потолков.
Если мы делаем ремонт в квартире, заказываем плёночные натяжные потолки. В зал, кухню и сан узел с глянцевой поверхностью, в спальню – с матовой.
Если мы хотим сделать монтаж потолка в частном секторе и у нас есть груба, выделяющая горячий поток – устанавливаем тканевый потолок. Такой же вариант предусматриваем в не обогреваемых комнатах.
В комнатах, где есть риск затопления, выбираем французский потолок.
Просмотреть фото работ по натяжным потолкам можно на .
Если в квартире находится человек, склонный к аллергическим заболеваниям, устанавливаем потолок из ткани.
Узнать больше про натяжные потолки Кривой Рог и узнать, какая цена на него можно на странице натяжные потолки кривой рог дешево .
Цена натяжного потолка в Кривом Рогу.
Несколько лет подряд до 2018 года включительно цена Французского натяжного потолка была на уровне 130 гривен за 1 м.кв. стоимость тканевого натяжного потолка как правило ниже плёночного и составляла 120 гривен за метр квадратный.
Где купить натяжной потолок в городе Кривой Рог?
В Кривом Рогу заказать натяжной потолок можно в компании Комфорт. Узнать подробнее, сделать просчёт или вызвать замерщика можно по телефону: (096) 647-1977
Какие виды натяжных потолков популярны ещё?
Кроме привычных вариантов натяжных потолков бывают также иные, более оснащённые и интересные.
К ним можно отнести двухуровневые, перфорированные натяжные потолки, натяжные стены, со светодиодной подсветкой и печатью на плёнке.
Recruitment / and scored on a wild
« Last post by elaine95 on January 12, 2019, 03:45:18 »
HOUSTON (AP) — Ask any Houston Astro and they’ll say the same thing: Alex Bregman was made for these moments.The young third baseman was great for the defending champions all season and now that the calendar has flipped to October he’s taken his play to another level , slugging two home runs to help Houston to a 2-0 lead in the AL Division Series against the Cleveland Indians.“He loves the bright lights,” praised George Springer, MVP of the World Series last year. “He loves the big stage … he believes he should get a hit every time or make the big play or score the big run. That’s just who he is and when you have a guy like that it makes you want to do the same thing.”Game 3 is Monday in Cleveland.The 24-year-old Bregman had the best year of his career this season, leading the AL with a career-high 51 doubles, and setting career marks by hitting .286 with 31 homers and 103 RBIs. His breakout season helped carry the offense in a year where last year’s MVP Jose Altuve and star shortstop Carlos Correa struggled with injuries.“He brings joy to the team,” Altuve said. “He shows up here and lets everybody know he’s ready to play and … you see how he plays and you’re like: ‘OK. I want to join him, and I want to play at the same level he’s playing.'”Bregman gave Houston its first run of the playoffs this season when he hit a solo homer off Corey Kluber in the fourth inning of Game 1 on Friday. It was the first of four homers hit by the Astros in a 7-2 win. The Astros were up by 1 in Game 2 on Saturday when Bregman connected off Trevor Bauer with two outs and none on in the seventh to add some insurance in the 3-1 victory.“This is what it’s all about,” Bregman said. “This type of baseball is a blast. Everybody in that clubhouse is living and dying on every pitch. It’s fun to play these types of games.”Bregman, the second overall pick in the 2015 draft, hit four homers and drove in 10 runs in his postseason debut last season to help the Astros to their first World Series title. He homered twice against the Dodgers in the World Series, and his two-out single in the 10th ended Houston’s thrilling 13-12 win in Game 5.Selected as an All-Star for the first time, he hit a tiebreaking home run in the 10th inning at Nationals Park in July that sent the AL to victory.Bregman never seems daunted by important moments despite having played just two full seasons in the majors.Manager AJ Hinch said Bregman has a “calm heartbeat” and he knows the Astros can always count on him when they need a big play whether it be on offense or defense.“I love how he describes pressure. He describes pressure as a privilege,” Hinch said. “That, to me, shows someone that gets it, someone that is going to be able to handle the moment.”Though Hinch and the Astros have come to expect this level of play from the former LSU standout , the manager sometimes takes a step back simply to appreciate his greatness.“It’s amazing to watch him do it time after time after time,” Hinch said. “We’re getting spoiled. Guys aren’t supposed to do it at this level at that rate he’s been doing.”Altuve, who became the first Astro to win MVP since Jeff Bagwell collected the National League award in 1994, has been wowed by Bregman’s development this season. In a stacked MVP race led by Boston’s Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez and Angels star Mike Trout, Altuve believes that his teammate’s season was the most impressive.“Bregman does something big for us every single game,” Altuve said. “He’s the kind of player that you really want to have on your team. He had an MVP season. He’s my MVP.”Bregman isn’t interested in discussing individual awards and accolades and says his only focus is helping the Astros repeat as champions. And as much as he’s done so far, he’s constantly working to do more and get better.“This was definitely, definitely something I envisioned doing, (but) I think there’s so much room to improve on both sides of the ball, and I look forward to working on it,” he said. BALTIMORE (AP) — Despite all the injuries, and regardless of the deficit they face in the AL East, the New York Yankees won’t let up in their quest to put a strong finish on a heck of a season.Luke Voit went 3 for 3 with a two-run homer to help Luis Severino earn his major league-leading 17th victory, and New York beat the Baltimore Orioles 5-3 Sunday night to complete a four-game sweep.The Yankees have won eight of nine to move within six games of first-place Boston in the AL East, the closest they’ve been since Aug. 1. Boston owns the best record in the majors, and New York is a close second .“We’re not thinking about Red Sox ,” Severino said. “We’re thinking about our game, and thinking about winning every day. At the end of next month, if it’s going to be close or not, we don’t know. But we’re going to play hard every day.”Rookie Miguel Andujar also had three hits and two RBIs for New York, which outscored the Orioles 27-12 during its first four-game sweep in Baltimore since August 2003.Severino (17-6) allowed four hits and two earned runs in 5 2/3 innings, striking out eight. The right-hander was 2-4 with a 7.26 ERA over his previous six starts before returning to form against the Orioles, who own the worst record in the big leagues (37-94) and rank last in the AL in batting average.“That’s first-half-of-the-year dominant fastball,” manager Aaron Boone said. “The slider was still a little inconsistent for him. But I thought stuff-wise and being able to pitch with his fastball, he was electric. So hopefully another step forward for him.”David Robertson worked the ninth for his fourth save.Even though the Yankees are without slugger Aaron Judge, catcher Gary Sanchez and closer Aroldis Chapman, they found a way to dispose of the Orioles.“Look, this was really nice,” Boone said. “I tonight, honestly, we were dragging a little bit, just with the road trip and the doubleheader yesterday. So for us to be able to grind that win out…”The Orioles have lost eight straight Jason Kipnis Jersey , one shy of their season high. Baltimore has endured five losing streaks of at least seven games this year.Dylan Bundy (7-13) pitched five innings, giving up four runs and six hits — including his major league-leading 34th home run.“Everybody is frustrated with the way their season is going personally, so it’s affecting us as a team,” Bundy said. “But I think we’re all trying to get better.”Voit got New York started with a two-run drive in the second inning, his third homer with New York since being traded from the Cardinals on July 28. All three long balls have come within the last three games.Andujar doubled in two runs in the third to make it 4-0, and Voit singled and scored on a wild pitch in the sixth for a 5-1 lead.In the Baltimore half, after Trey Mancini hit a leadoff homer , a throwing error by shortstop Gleyber Torres led to Severino’s exit and an unearned run.300 ON HOLDNew York slugger Giancarlo Stanton went 0 for 5 with four strikeouts and remains one homer shy of 300 for his career. He was 1 for 15 with eight strikeouts in the series.TRAINER’S ROOMYankees: Sanchez (groin) will begin a rehab assignment Monday with Triple-A Scranton Wilkes-Barre. “He’ll be there playing several games this week getting ready to go,” Boone said. … SS Didi Gregorius (left heel) will be evaluated by a doctor Monday. Boone hopes Gregorius and Sanchez will return for a road trip that begins Sept. 3 in Oakland. … Judge is still “waiting for that pain to get out” of his fractured right wrist, Boone said. “Once that fracture is healed, then we go.”Orioles: Rookie CF Cedric Mullins was bothered by a sore hip and missed his first game since being recalled from the minors on Aug. 10. “I’m hoping it’s a short-term thing,” manager Buck Showalter said. Mullins was batting .309 with five doubles and two homers in 15 starts.UP NEXTYankees: Masahiro Tanaka (9-4, 3.90 ERA) starts Monday night in the opener of a three-game series against the Chicago White Sox at Yankee Stadium. The right-hander is 4-0 with a 2.23 ERA in five career starts against the Sox.Orioles: Baltimore concludes the homestand with a three-game set against Toronto beginning Monday. Rookie David Hess (2-8, 5.50 ERA) pitches the opener for the Orioles.
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Whenever there is a streak of bad situations Roger Maris Jersey , you can bet someone, somewhere is thinking about who's getting in trouble for it. In this case, it seems like people are wondering if Jose Mourinho will ever get a big-time gig after Manchester United.Some people think that this might be coming from a lack of confidence in himself. The speculation comes from strange plays that Jose has been聽implementing聽recently. Some of these include him putting three people at the back, substituting a player after a mere eighteen minutes and even moving around the defense.Now, if spectators are thinking this, it's surely something that the higher-ups聽are also considering. While that may seem like the case, it certainly isn't, according to sky sports, Jose actually received a text from a聽Manchester United board member who said that his job was safe for now. This is good news for him because we often hear about people getting sacked based on speculation about their performance, even if it doesn't include one side of the perspective.advertising Via The IndependentOne of the reasons he might not lose his job is that Manchester United seems to have some form of a lack of direction. Although, that seems to be the opinion of Jonathan Northcroft from the Sunday Times.This can be a bad thing because when there's even the slightest hint of a lack of direction, it can travel all the way down the grapevine. You see, some of these weird decisions being made by Mourinho could be the result of that, however , we cannot be sure of that just yet.Manchester United won on Saturday against Newcastle with a score of 3-2. This is why it makes these situations so complicated. Generally, when someone helps make a team win, especially an elite manager like Jose Mourhino, you'd expect everyone to be happy. There is even the fact that he's regarded as one of the best managers around, so, with that in mind, it's hard to believe he would get sacked, however, it's not impossible.advertisingOverall, we don't know just yet, the team won but there's some level of skepticism in Jose's style. There is also some level of support for him since, at least for the time being, he's secure. On July 6, a 53-35 Milwaukee Brewers team had the best record in the National League and a 2.5-game lead in the NL Central. Since then Tim McCarver Jersey , they've gone 8-11 with a minus-five run differential and seen that lead in the standings turn into a half-game deficit.If anyone needs to make a splash at the deadline, it's the Brew Crew.While they've already added reinforcement to the bullpen with the addition of Joakim Soria and a power bat to the lineup with Mike Moustakas, they still need starting pitching help.Jon Morosi of MLB Network reported the Brewers have been in talks with the Minnesota Twins regarding infielder Brian Dozier, and a large deal could materialize to also include Kyle Gibson.Dozier no longer looks like a potential target with Travis Shaw shifting over to second base following the addition of Moustakas, but Gibson would still be a great fit.The 30-year-old is enjoying a breakout season with a 3.42 ERA (3.78 FIP) and 1.21 WHIP in 129 innings for 2.7 WAR鈥?3th among AL starters.While he's more than just a rental with team control through next season, Milwaukee should be able to get a deal done without giving up top prospects Keston Hiura or Corbin Burnes.It's not the sexiest name out there, but he'd be a stabilizing addition to the starting staff as the team gears up for the stretch run.Los Angeles Dodgers Acquire Jose Leclerc and Jake Diekman4 of 4Jake DiekmanG Fiume/Getty ImagesThe Los Angeles Dodgers are not finished adding to their roster, even after swinging a blockbuster deal to acquire Manny Machado.According to Bob Nightengale ofUSA Today, the team is now pursuing "a reliever to help out closer Kenley Jansen," and they're casting a wide net in their search.Last summer, the Dodgers added one of the top rental relievers on the market (Tony Watson) and a controllable bullpen arm (Tony Cingrani), and a similar approach could be employed this time around.The Texas Rangers provide an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Think the Washington Nationals acquiring Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson from the Oakland Athletics last year, only on a slightly smaller scale.Closer Keone Kela might be the Rangers' most attractive trade chip, but he's far from the only useful arm they have readily available in trade talks.A package of Jake Diekman and Jose Leclerc would give the Dodgers two quality arms鈥攐ne rental (Diekman) and one controllable (Leclerc)鈥攁nd the two together would likely come at a smaller acquisition price than Kela.Diekman:46 G , 14 HLD, 3.79 ERA, 10.9 K/9Leclerc:39 G, 13 HLD, 2.39 ERA, 12.7K/9Would that be enough for the Dodgers to feel comfortable with the bullpen down the stretch?With Brad Hand, Zach Britton, Jeurys Familia, Joakim Soria and Seunghwan Oh already off the market, the crop of quality relievers is rapidly dwindling. The Dodgers would be wise to move quickly, and the Rangers look like the perfect trade partner. 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