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Toth-Amon down, freaking finally!

04:49 15.10.2010.,

Toth-Amon died.

Drop was 1 priest relic, ToS necklase and cape, Ranger bow, Guard shield and ye, 2 more soldier relics!
Wohooo Molay!!!



Keeper down!

03:42 17.09.2010.,

This was awesome :)

Took us ages, but atleast we got it. Toth-Amon, here we come!!!

Friday Khitai instance runs

18:04 19.05.2010.,

Lets give it a go, Friday night instance run should be ok if we have enough of tanks and healers, rest dont matter that much...


11th May T3 raid is off

18:19 11.05.2010.,

Probable reason: Funcom will screw something up, and if they dont, a lot of ppl dont have fast connection to download 3gb patch till raid anyways...



5 Bosses Fall After 2h 10mins

04:41 05.05.2010.,

CRO kills 5 bosses in 2h 10min

After a bad start wasting half an hour on the first boss (QQ) we pulled our shit together and managed to down the first 5 bosses in Thoth-Amon's Stronghold after only 2h 10mins - we then went over to the Keeper of Artifacts and even had our first glimpse at the Hollow Knight.

Way to kick ass, CRO! Cool

Louhi down

15:56 30.04.2010.,

Louhi finally fell under 2 brave soldiers whose identity must be kept secret so their names and faces have been blured.

cya in game,



04:57 15.04.2010.,

We are attacking AFJ keep at friday!!!

Thats our first siege so if you can be there!!!

City is finished, no more guild tax :)

16:18 12.03.2010.,

Finally we have completed guild city (except Tavern, we miss 9 more levels to get that) so guild taxes are off.

Of course if you wanna give money or mats to guild, just do it. put in bank or send to Anorr.



Master Gyas is down

03:56 01.03.2010.,

Finally we killed Master Gyas is down!


Arbanus died like some wanker!

04:04 09.02.2010.,

Well, we are 4th on Crom server to get it, but only minutes after 3rd guild did it so i dont count that as 4th! :)

Good job all



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