About us
We were formed as Croatian only guild, but after few weeks we realized that there can not be only one nationality in guild and then started to recruiting people from every country. It took us some time, but now we have over 40 active lvl 80 players that are doing all raid instances. All players are 18+, but most of them is even 30+. We have Teamspeak 3 server and most ppl use it all the time so there is allways someone to talk.


Curently we have 3 raids per week (Tuesday,Thursday, Sunday) and hopeing to build good secondary raid team so we have two raids at time. We are farming ALL raid bosses , but mostly we get T3 runs (main + alt) per week and if needed craft Ibis, then doing BRC W3 (Friday) raids. Sometimes we hold pug raids if there is time for it and we have raid leader avaliable. It is recommended to have atleast 2 characters (main and alt), of course, more is allways better so you can choose (and we can ask you ) what to bring into raid.

Guild city/Battle Keep
We have full Tier3 guild city - renown level 20. We have Battle Keep.

What is bot? Its (in this case) PHP multi-purpose script that runs from one webserver. It has a LOT of options and we make new ones if required (improved rolls, who can craft what, what materials are needed for something, what is some material used for and how much, ninja list....). Basicaly, bot is logged on one character, Shonjo, and monitores guild chat and tells (commands) to it and then makes response if it is required.

Web site
Our web site,, is custom made PHP based web, but uses SMF forum for easy user management and verification. Members create their characters on web and apply for raids through raid planer with character they wanna go with (using AoC classes, not like most raid planers only Soldier, DPS, Healer dinstiction). There is also list of what our guild members can craft (that list is made with bot) so members can find who can make something and what does it require to be crafted.

What do we require?
Basicaly, not much. If you want to do raids with guild you need to be Preimum player, know your class and tactics for all encounters in raid instances ( T1 - T3). We do NOT require your daily activity, a number of raids per month, etc... If you want to play, just play, if you don't, then don't play, your choice and you will not be looked at differently. We require that if you are applyed on raid planer as confirmed or avaliable to be online at raid time. You can change that status on planer any time you want.


Bear ShamanBear Shamannone
Dark TemplarDark Templarnone
Herald of XotliHerald of Xotlinone
Priest of MitraPriest of Mitranone
Tempest Of SetTempest Of Setnone

If we are not recruiting it does not mean we are not taking new members. Register on forum and apply at this LINK