Raid Rules

So you want to come with us to a Raid ... Lets say Worm for this example.
You must read all the rules, understand them and follow them...
Then you are welcome to the raid... Otherwise don't complain if we didn't take you to the raid or why you've been kick out of a raid.


Take a look to your gear, always take a best gear. Speak with your Raid Leader. Be honest with your self and ask the question "Can I go with Worm and help the raid?" if e.g. you are level 70 then you can answer your self NO I can...


Take what you need for the raid (buy from Merchant, ask guild alchemist to craft you e.t.c.)
Potions, Food. Take a lot off them, not only 1-2 but as many as you can (after 3-4 hours in Worm you will defenately need more than 5 manna pot).


First you have to have Ventrilo working. You MUST be able to listen and it is very good to be able to speak in case that need. Plz check if Ventrilo is working Before the Raid. It is not polite to make 24 ppl deft because of your microphone problem.
We recommending to use the Ventrilo Normalizer Setting - with this setting you can hear everyone in raid in almost equal volume.


Read for every Boss in the instance the strategy. The most important is to remember the Boss abilities . If you know what the Boss do then we only take positions and say how we kill the boss (Boss strategies will be posted on web page).


Go to Raid Planner area of the site and sign up to the raid you are interesting for. Be careful of invites time, day and instance there are not always the same for all groups. Be sure that you can stay as long as the hole raid will stay - if you can stay only until e.g. 10 (server time always) put a note. You have to put a note if you can come but with a delay e.g. 10 mins. Keep in mind that we can wait from invites time e.g. 6:00 until Raid time e.g. 6:30. Otherwise we will replace you if we have a proper available member. If for any reason you can't come plz cancel your sign up immediately or contact with someone you know to inform the Raid Leader (send a message). There is a limitation of slot at every raid of 24. So we can't take everyone all the time. Be patient and you will come soon. If you are not approved for the raid, there is always a good possibility to take you as a replacement for someone that have e.g. connection problems or he/she canceled the sign up few minutes before the raid (if you are a proper class ofc .) Every Raid have requirements, we can't take 5 tanks and we cant go with only 1 healer.


You have to be online in time. At e.g. 6:00 we start invites. That's the time that you have to be online and not the 6:30 (Raid time). If at 6:10 we are 23 ppl in raid and you haven't placed a note to tell us that you are going to delay we will replace you if we can. After you take the invitation you have to be in meeting place in few min. If this is the first time in a instance stay close to someone else e.g. raid leader to follow him.


Listen carefully the Raid Leader and do what you are told to do. Listen carefully about mobs and take in time your targets. Don't spam the Raid Chat! The chat is to communicate in there, not to spam. You have to be as in guild chat : polite so plz don't use any other language except English if all understand English (ofc if someone can't speak English someone from the same country can help with short explanation) and no bad words. No AFK plz. Ofc in case that you need something you have to inform us asap. E.g don't go afk in the middle of the combat ! You can go afk for very short time (for wc, a beer or glass of water). If you go AFK put your character in save place. If we are for some hours inside we will take a small break when the Raid Leader say it. But be back in time, when we say 10 mins break then you have to be there in 10 mins. Remember that are 23 or 24 ppl w8 for you! At any case you have to inform the Raid Leader that you are going afk, or at raid chat to all know. There something that is Very important in raids : The Agro. You have to give tanks few seconds to take a good agro. If You agro maybe the hole raid will die, so be careful and have one eye on current target target (turn it on in Interface Option-HUD). The raid will stop when Raid Leader say that is over. We usually stop when all boss are dead, or the time spent in raid is more than 5 hours. If something unexeptable happen and you must leave the raid, you Must inform the Raid leader some minutes before, so he have the time to call someone as replacement.


Keep in mind all this and all the raids will be always good.
All the above are RULES, that means that this is Obligatory and not a suggestions.


And last but not least the most important rule: Have a great time with a lot of fun in game, an instance with in-game friends is always a big pleasure!!!

Created by CRO guild @ 11.01.2009.


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