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Members please read

19:39 19.12.2009.,


Read and say if you have something constructive to say

T3 raids and their timeings

17:13 11.12.2009.,

If you want to go (and you kinda must :P ) apply on raid planer. Main characters have priority (as I assume you play best your main class). Of course, by putting yourself on planer you agree on skip raid if needed, go on other char if needed, etc...

Monday TL run is on planer, but we might go after W3 on Sunday if we are fast enough so just be around here somewhere...

cya on TL!

Finally 1.6 has come on TL!

00:56 11.12.2009.,

For start we will have TL runs on Sundays and Mondays after our W3 raids.

At one point we will make one day only TL run.


Guys, so please who don't have TL set, SET it FAST!!!!


cya in game,

Test Live server characters

17:52 01.12.2009.,

Boys and girls, T3 is comming on testlive shortly, lets all get prepared for that (test it)

Here is post about how to get yourself on testlive:

And then write your character here so we know we can count on you:

Next week tuesday raid

04:54 19.11.2009.,

Guys, next tuesday 24.11. i would like to see A LOT of people online for raid. Need to discuss some things aswell...


Something has changed, but what?

16:09 18.11.2009.,

Left side menu got bigger and bigger so i put it on top of page in menus with drop lists.

They are kinda logicaly grouped so i dont think anyone will have problem with getting used to them.


T1 guild raids are finished

20:34 16.11.2009.,

I think its really time to finish up with T1 raids. This weeks will be last on raid planer, but of course, we might start some pugs ocasionally.



Raids and applying to them

15:47 12.11.2009.,

I will create raids for next week every Tuesday morning, so check raid planer and apply. Raids have been created till 23rd November so run and APPLY! :)


What is required for one Ibis weapon

20:24 06.11.2009.,

I made list of stuff that we need to make one weapon. I have split items do most basic stuff they are made of so we know what to look for.

Still need to find what is required for Mercurial blade, one info i found is wrong.


BeBot modules

18:42 30.10.2009.,

I have added link to left side menu that leads to BeBot modules created/modifyed by me :)

Eventually list will be bigger, but dont have that much time for that and most modules are directly connected to web so I wont put them for download becouse its no use on other websites...



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