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City is finished!

16:37 24.10.2009.,

Well, all buildings but walls are up!

Nice work all, but still a lot to do...


T3 Trader us up!

16:05 23.10.2009.,

Now we miss only Arhitect and we have all buildings!
Walls are other story, tho.

Only 5000 basalt is required to complete Arhitect, rest we have, so get to digging!


Sunday raid 11.10. is postponed for +1h

04:29 09.10.2009.,

Raid is postponed for 1 hour then usual sunday raid time.



Quill of Ibis

04:25 05.10.2009.,

Quil of IbisAnd here it is, Quill of Ibis. It took us some time on Leviathus to get everything right, but finally, we got it...

Thanks to all guildies that were there to end, some needed to go, some got PC problems, but we are stronger than that!



After many Chata kills, we finally got it!

14:57 30.09.2009.,

Unforged Crest of IbisThere it is, Unforged Crest of Ibis. Now we need to kill Leviathus on hard mode and, of course, built Tier 3 Temple! So ppl, get to digging!

We will put what mats are needed, but as i see for now in our Crafting Resources we miss Piteado, Darksteel, Shimmer Silk so we need to find them.


Anyways, hooah all for recipe!


Sunday 27.09. raid is postponed for +1h

19:18 25.09.2009.,

As title says, so be there 1h later than usual sunday time.


Guild city building time (updated)

19:14 26.08.2009.,


Starting from 01.09.2009. we will start with taking monthly guild tax (call it what you want).

I have noticed that a lot of ppl do not contribute to guild so this will be obligatory, otherwise no raids/loot for you.

All officers had a vote on this, so i think its fair, here it goes:

1 gold ( money )
300 basalt
100 oak
100 duskmetal

This is PER MONTH!
Redangel will be collection money and resources, and he will keep track who gave and who did not. Collect and give stuff in 1st week of every month, of course, if you are not playing and you dont wanna go in raids, you dont need to pay. But I really think that its not a lot to gather (doable in 1 day if you are bored) so dont bitch about it :)

You can comment this on

cya in game,

Wing 3 cleared! Finally!

04:30 20.08.2009.,

At last we join Crom's great guilds in clearing all BRC wings!

It took us some time, some downfalls, some people leaveing for no progress... BUT WE GOT IT!!!!! In Ya Face!

Chata is finally down!!

03:44 17.08.2009.,

Took us 2 months of trying but finally got him down, full CRO Guild raid.

Pictures to support it:

New raids are created

01:50 30.07.2009.,

Raids are created for next week so sign in please !!!!

Lots of ppl is or going on hollidays so we will see how many ppl will sign in, if don't get enough ppl raid will be canceled or created some pug raid.


enjoy and cya in game



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