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Added stats for guilds/classes

18:41 24.07.2009.,

I have added stats for guilds/classes on Character list and Guild members.

To be shown in Guild members list you need to select your main character by pressing M near it! This is not needed for other guilds...

no changes in next 2 weeks on web:P


Ahazu finally down!

03:57 15.07.2009.,

We had a lot of trouble but finally we got him!

Thursday and Sunday we are continuing in Wing 2 so ppl that were in raid on Tuesday have advantage!

TestLive server

20:01 07.07.2009.,

Hi my dear guildies,

From now we have our guild on TL server for training char, changing feats, trying T2 gears and if we have more our members on TL we can try w2 and we can see how is looking w3.

How is looking full T2 gears u can see all my characters in images.

cya, Airo

Ask Kalanthes - AoC Item Database ---- New!

18:57 29.06.2009.,

Try to made new build feats after released new game update 1.05!

cya, Airo


New game update 1.05

21:16 24.06.2009.,

What we have in new game update 1.05 u can see on official forums or click on this links:

- New Content - Tarantia Commons

- RPG Systems Revamp - Changes to classes

                                 - System Changes

- New Gem crafting Features

- New City-life Features

cya, Airo


Funcom Scheduled Downtime for Update (1.05) - 24th June

07:14 24.06.2009.,

The EU servers will come down for Update 1.05 on Wednesday, 24th June at midnight GMT (02:00 am CET). The downtime is scheduled to last around 12 hours.


Materials for guild city

17:40 18.06.2009.,

There is topic on forum under "CRO Guild" section, please read and gather mats when you get chance...

Also you can put money into bank!


Excellent raid!

16:14 01.06.2009.,

I want to say that we have definitely status farimg in wing1 and we have a good progress in wing2 last night. After few wipes, finally first boss in wing2 Ahazu-Zhagam is dead. And that is not all, we killed Incubus & Succubus and Seruha.

Chata still alive ppl, in next run he will be down.

Thanks ppl from Black Sphere and Asylum for support us in raids, well done all!

Cya in game, Airo


Incubus & Succubus with Asylum and Black Sphere Ahazu-Zhagam with Asylum and Black Sphere

Guild bot: Shonjo

00:52 23.05.2009.,

Finally i managed to get guild bot up!

For now its running from my laptop but i hope i will get it to some server somewhere :)

When im at home ill turn it on, so no worries if he isnt replying!


Importan poll on forum!

17:30 19.05.2009.,

I have added poll in Raids subforum so all people that raid with us vote when you get chance.

It is 2 minute job so dont be lazy!




Bear ShamanBear Shamannone
Dark TemplarDark Templarnone
Herald of XotliHerald of Xotlinone
Priest of MitraPriest of Mitranone
Tempest Of SetTempest Of Setnone

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