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Server shutdown on 15.04.2009.

22:43 15.04.2009.,

Server was shut down at 17:30 (web site time :)) and they say its gonna last for 2 hours, so it should be up by 19:30 (again, web site time).

I hope we get to play today so we get Vistrix (and maybe Yakhmar down)...


cya in game,

New Gallery: Gargoyle Master Dead

23:13 30.03.2009.,

I have put 4 pictures from Sunday, 29.03.2009. when we killed Gargoyle Master.


Finnaly we are getting somewhere with Wing 1, waited long time for that, and i think others did also :)


cya in game,

New site feature: Galleries

00:51 19.03.2009.,

I added gallery feature. You create dir in Images section, upload images you want. Then go to Galleries admin and press icon on top right of content, type in gallery title, select directory you created and uploaded images to and press Add new gallery.

Its easy and simple.

For info on how to upload images and create directories search few posts below...

Cya in game!

12 heroes kill Kyky

22:59 18.03.2009.,

Made a change on next Sunday raid!

03:23 18.03.2009.,

So if you applyed for it go and check the changes!

New options for your characters

16:09 11.03.2009.,

All CRO Guild and DK people can now upload images and delete them.
Remember, everyone can delete and edit images so dont do that to someone elses images!

First when you go to Images click dir icon (first on upper left) and create your dir but dont select any dir before! You will then have your dir, lets say "Snyder" as top one. Then you create dir called "Character" under your dir called "Snyder" (you do that by selecting "Snyder" dir button).

Now click on Upload image icon, select directory you want to upload in and click "another image" link. You can upload up to five images at same time. Image limit is 4mb but it also depends on speed of your uplink becouse of script timeout. So before you upload your images, work on them in Photoshop, Fireworks or any image editing software you want, just make it as small as possible.


Your uploaded images can be used in posting on forum (just link it), your character image will be used in character building option (when its done :)) so everyone can see what your char looks like and which items does it have.

Another thing you can do under My Characters link is to select your character image (one you uploaded before) and enter link to your character feats, just copy link into field.


Thats it for now

Cya in game,

Raid on Kyllikki!

14:14 11.03.2009.,

Because EU servers were offline and Funcom have a lot of problems with disconnecting players, raid on Kyllikki will now be on thursday (12.03.2009.) at the same time.


Main characters select!

00:43 03.03.2009.,

Everyone that is raiding, go into My Characters and select your main character.

Remember, you can only select one main character!


Yakhmar today!

17:55 01.03.2009.,

I put raid only for test, so dont apply if you are not on Vistrix raid before the Yakhmar!

Ill try to make something when you apply for one raid, its linked to other...


Cya in game,

Yakhmar is down!

01:47 22.02.2009.,


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