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Raid on Yakhmar!

01:38 20.02.2009.,

Because EU servers were offline and Funcom have a lot of problems after last update, raid on Yakhmar will now be on friday (20.02.2009.) at the same time.



15:26 18.02.2009.,

You can access to site through domain thanks to Nefeli.


Site will still be accessible through old domain name...



New raid planner

08:11 10.02.2009.,

Hi my dear guildies!

Finally we have our new raid planner up and running, and from now on this is what we will be using.
If you have any suggestions or comments or want to report a bug please send Me, Redangel or Snyder a tell.

Cya in game - Airo

CRO guild & Demonic Knights presenting Vistrix

03:15 22.01.2009.,

Scheduled Downtime for EU Server Merges - 15th January (new date)

22:05 14.01.2009.,

The EU servers will come down for the announced server merges on Thursday, 15th January at noon GMT (13:00 CET). The duration is scheduled to last about 24 hours.


Kyllikki is down

04:23 05.01.2009.,

We kill Kyllikky in first try with full raid from Cro Guild and Demonic Knights!!!

Screenshots from raid


New Epic Boss & Mini Boss

19:52 04.01.2009.,

We found new level 80 Boss and his Priest of Doom Mini Boss. They guard Epic loot. We need to organize full raid on them!!!

Take a first look!!!

CRO guild & Demonic Knights kick ass Champ Of The Honorguard

00:20 01.01.2009.,

Upgrade for site

11:33 30.12.2008.,

Members, create you characters on site!

You need to be logged in on forum, then go on "My Characters" in upper right and then click on icon in bottom right of content part of site!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009

05:38 24.12.2008.,

Yours my guild members and our friends from Demonic Knights!


Bear ShamanBear Shamannone
Dark TemplarDark Templarnone
Herald of XotliHerald of Xotlinone
Priest of MitraPriest of Mitranone
Tempest Of SetTempest Of Setnone

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